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Introduction to Visual Analysis

Moving from a society of objects to a society of action, the world today thinks of itself in networks, and analysis in links. This new situation leads to a review of the information processing chain.


This module is an answer to all the questions about visual analysis as a tool for information processing and independently of any notion of choice of tools or software.



Duration: 1 day

Visual Analysis Training

From Analyst's Notebook, in addition to creating and using iBase, make the most of the cumulative analysis functions and, depending on usage, provide bases adapted to visual analysis.


With the immediate presentation of the iBase settings in Analyst's Notebook, this training guarantees an efficient handling of numerous software applications and ensures the successful deployment of the solution.

Duration: 9 days

Administrator module: 4 days

Analyst's Notebook Training

This training course ensures the mastery of Analyst's Notebook: a software to help analyze and cross-check structured information thanks to schematization. This practice-oriented training module has been specially designed to allow the user to master all the functions of the software.

Based on practical exercises, this training provides all the skills required for professional use of the software while ensuring compatibility with the practices of each analyst.



Duration: 5 days

iBase Training

In addition to a complete mastery of the iBase software, this training aims to give participants all the keys necessary to create an analytical infocenter. Particular care has been taken in the design of a theoretical module to give participants the necessary hindsight to create analytical concepts.


Associated with numerous practical exercises, this training has been specially designed to allow the participants to take control of all the functions of the software.



Duration: 5 days


Presential Training


Distance Learning

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